Working through an Impasse

My husband and I were at an impasse. One of our teenagers had crossed an important line, and we had very different ideas on how the situation should be handled with major repercussions at stake. At the time, I was very disappointed that the situation happened on Sunday morning right before church.

The problem was very unresolved, and we knew that we would have to address the issue with our teen as soon as the service was over. We needed to be on the same page, and it was impossible to concentrate on the sermon.

I whispered to my husband that maybe we should find a place to talk instead of sitting through the end of the service so we could figure things out before speaking with our teen. We made our way to a quiet corner of the building. But, despite talking more, we were still very far from agreement.

I happened to see one of the pastors standing down the hall, and the thought crossed my mind to ask him if he had some time to talk through the situation with us. But I hesitated. It was hard to ask for help, especially with being a family coach myself. However, outside help is incredibly beneficial for everyone.

So, we asked if the pastor had a moment, and we had a thirty-minute conversation with him that very much diffused the disagreement between my husband and I and helped us come to a consensus on what our response needed to be.

I’m not sure we would have arrived at the same place without having outside help. Having that added perspective definitely diffused and expedited the situation and helped us work through our impasse in a way that we had not been able to do on our own.

That is what I love about coaching!

Inviting someone in from outside the situation can often give so much perspective and insight regardless of whether the issue is with another person or within yourself.

So, if you have a situation in which you could use some outside perspective, message me and let’s have a conversation about how coaching might help.

It’s easy for us to feel alone when we have family disagreements, especially in these days of picture perfect posts. Being transparent with each other can be so comforting. So, if you have been at an impasse with your spouse or child anytime in the past, please respond with an emoji!

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