Turning Wishes Into Reality

Every season of life brings its own goals. Right now, I am in the launching and emptying-of-the-nest period of life. I have lots of goals and wishes for my children and my relationship with them as we enter this next season of life together—as well as goals and wishes for my husband and myself. 

To make these goals and not just wishes, I am working on identifying what I want in this stage of life and making plans for how to get there. I have to admit that I am finding making these plans more difficult than at other stages of parenting because it feels like I no longer have control over so many factors as it is time to let go and step back in so many areas.

But there are still things I do have control over—like how gracefully I let go, what I choose to dwell on, how I handle disagreements, whether I put the time in to learn to love my children in new ways—and the list goes on. These can become my plans for achieving my goals.

Do you have wishes for your life or relationships? Have you turned them into goals by making plans for how you are going to achieve them despite the obstacles? What is one wish that you want to turn into a goal by making a plan today?

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