Jumpstart to Joy & Grace Three-Week Online Workshop

Are you a mom somewhere in the emptying-the-nest transition?

Raising our children has shaped our days for the last 18 or more years. It has given us purpose and identity, connected us with friends and communities, shaped our marriages, and given us much of our entertainment and companionship.

The launching years can be disorienting and involve a roller coaster of emotions, including feelings of grief, loss, and regret. It has major implications on identity and sense of purpose, marriage relationships, and the way we relate to our kids.

This transition is one of the biggest life changes we face as women, and as with any change, it brings its own opportunities, as well as challenges. As an older woman encouraged me when my oldest son turned 18 and I suddenly found myself dealing with the grief and disorientation of the empty-nest transition, “Being the mom of adult children, is different. But it is good!”

Joy and grace doesn’t always characterize this stage of life, but it is possible!

In the 3-Week Jumpstart to Joy and Grace online workshop, you have the opportunity to join me and a small group of like-minded women to help process the roller coaster of emotions, explore new ways of relating to your children, revisit your identity and purpose, and explore what God has next for you!

Whether you are just starting to anticipate the emptying-of-the-nest transition approaching or are already firmly established in your empty nest, single or married, a stay-at-home or professional mom, counting down the days or dreading the quiet house (or a little bit of both), this workshop is for you!

  • Take a significant step forward in your joy and grace journey
  • Be a part of a small faith-based community of moms in the same stage of life for encouragement and friendship  
  • Receive daily encouragement and inspiration with suggested activities, discussion questions and challenges  
  • Share your thoughts and progress with other Jumpstart participants in a private online group
  • Participate in weekly, live group-coaching sessions
  • Receive individualized coaching specific to your situation and challenges

Give yourself some TLC!

When I took my oldest son to his first day of kindergarten, I was given a thoughtful care package with a combination of mom treats and some encouraging words. Consider the Jumpstart to Joy and Grace your care package!

Since the first day we held our children in our arms, our job has been to work ourselves out of a job. We love and care for them with all our hearts and then we must release them and let them find their own way. If you are finding that difficult, you are not alone.

So, take some time to do something for yourself! Give yourself some TLC, enjoy the support of new friends, and take some time to nurture your own growth.  

Meet Your Host

I am Teresa Vining, and I am a life and family coach and a writer on topics relating to relationships, marriage, family and faith.

I am the mother of four young adults at all different stages of the launching process. My husband is from Alaska, and I am a Kansas girl. We were foster parents for over 20 years, and two of my children are adopted. So, I am very interested in foster care and adoption issues.

I have been a public school, private school and homeschool mom. My kids couldn’t be any more different from each other, and exploring all their different interests with them has stretched me and enriched my life—photography, orchestra, Boy Scouts, downhill skiing, ballroom dance, archery, the Japanese culture, criminal justice . . .

I am passionate about my husband, my kids, my faith, healthy living and personal development. I love discovering ways to solve problems and get the most out of life and then teaching others to do the same. Reading has always been one of my favorite things to do.

I also love hiking, kayaking, biking and camping. I love music and dancing, watching movies, deep conversations and hanging out with my friends and family. I love traveling and exploring new places but also love coming back home!

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