6 Ways the Enneagram Personality Profile Can Help Your Family

The Enneagram is a personality profile that, like other profiles, studies patterns in personality traits and categorizes them to help us understand ourselves and others better.
I have used many other personality profiles, but I have found the Enneagram to be the most helpful in relational dynamics and personal growth because it classifies personalities based on our inner motivations rather than outward behavior.
This really helps get to the underlying heart of why we think, feel, and act in the ways we do. In this way, I have found it richer and more comprehensive than other personality profiles.
I have found the Enneagram crazy-helpful in my own family and with the clients I work with.
So, I am putting together some new materials and will be sharing some Enneagram information here in the next few weeks to help families understand and love each other better!
Here are SIX WAYS that understanding Enneagram personalities can help your family—
1. Helps everyone—including siblings—understand and appreciate each other more!
2. Helps parents understand the motivation behind their kids’ choices!
3. Helps make sense out of patterns in seemingly inconsistent behavior!
4. Helps parents choose the most effective connection, communication, and consequence methods for each child!
5. Helps spouses grow in understanding each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and motivations to better love and support each other!
6. Helps increase your awareness of your own strengths, weaknesses and blind spots for powerful realizations that can enable growth as a parent, spouse, daughter, friend, and coworker!
Would you like to grow in these areas? If so, watch for future posts to learn more about each of the personality types and how to put those insights to work in your family.
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